About Jeremy

I am going to forego the author spiel. My story is the same as countless others — late nights of writing, crammed between work, family and sleep. That is not what makes me interesting. There are a few traits, outside of my writing, that make me unique.

I am honest with myself and others. I refuse to commit the sin that a vast majority of writers and bloggers commit: self-deception. I know that my writing and blogging is not ground-breaking. I am OK with that. I know that I am not a household name like C. S. Lewis or H. P. Lovecraft. I am OK with that. I don’t expect the reader to hang on my every word… yet. One day I will be all of these things if I continue to work on the craft.

I will not use my blog as a meat market for my work. I think that  a reader who is sufficiently impressed with my work could work the Amazon website without my heavy-handed and amateurish attempts at marketing. Maybe I give readers too much credit, but I refuse to produce a product that I would not personally consume. Commercials posing as blogs irk me.

I will put my family first. There will be spans of time that I do not update my blog. I am my blog’s master; it is not mine.


I write as a hobby. I work for a living. I hope one day that my hobby becomes my living.


4 responses to “About Jeremy”

  1. goodpulp says :

    I feel very much the same way. I will do my damnest to read as much of your stuff as I can. What you wrote up there impressed me. Good luck

  2. Meredith Rose Ashe says :

    Would just like to say that I followed your blog for the sole fact that you won’t use it as a “meat market.” I see a lot of people who do that these days, and while I’m not yet published (either), I find the viewpoint refreshing. There are so many great things out there to blog about that has nothing to do with what we write. Thank you!

    • Jeremy D Powell says :

      I appreciate that. My goal is to allow readers, followers and friends an inside look at my process. By writing about my process, I make it that much more clear to myself.

      In the end, my writing should be what is selling my books, not my shameless marketeering in social media. I probably will make a page that links to my work at some point. It will always be an optional view. It will always be tastefully done.

      Thanks for the follow. I hope you enjoy my blog!

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