Vignette: The Seeds of Revenge


It consumed Shelly’s mind. The moment she walked away from James, her brain began chewing on her vengeance. He would pay. His body would bear the mark of his sin. Shelly was sure of that much.

The first plan that she engineered was discarded quickly. There were simply too many ways for things to go awry. Her thoughts had been too hot, too fresh, too intense. She decided that revenge would be much more fulfilling if served meticulously and intentionally. There would be no hysterics. Shelly wanted to see James’ search for mercy as he looked into her eyes. She wanted him to see her cold lizard brain through her dead eyes. That would be her personal victory.

It took her several weeks of planning. It took her several months of positioning her traps. It would only take the span of an hour for her triumph to be complete. Shelly had sacrificed everything in her quest. She had lost her job months ago. Her savings were running dry. Shelly was unsure of her future. One thing sustained her, though; he would pay.

The day was upon her. She threw the duffel bag into the passenger seat and began to drive with one thought on her mind. Today, he will pay.


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About Jeremy D Powell

I am a husband and father, writer and thinker. By nature, I tend to be introverted. I am attempting to nurture my inner extrovert. It's going OK.

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