Amateur Advice: My Personal Blogging Rules

I am pretty new to blogging. I don’t have all the answers. I can’t tell you how to get thousands of views, I only have a couple hundred. I can’t tell you how to optimize your blog for search engines or build anything that requires HTML coding. What I can tell you is what I enjoy when reading blogs. These same things are what I try to replicate in my blog.

Keep the posts short. I really don’t want to have to wear out my scroll wheel when reading a post. That being the case, I try to limit my post length to about one monitor’s worth. If I have something to say that may take more space, I consider breaking it into multiple posts.

Maintain a consistent theme. When I visit someone’s blog, I like to have a good idea of what I will be reading about. Some days I may be in the mood for some self-publishing tips. Somedays I might just want to read some random funny posts. Whatever the case, I like the idea of being able to confidently pick the blog I will spend my limited reading time on. Therefore, I limit my posts to 3 topics: Amateur Advice usually relating to writing, Vignettes, and some random short tidbits.

Less is more. This goes hand in hand with your post’s length. Your blog should be easy to navigate. I should be able to intuitively find what I am looking for without much hunting. I try to replicate this by keeping my blog neat and tidy with minimum visual noise.

These are  the guidelines that I use to make my blog. They may not be the right guidelines, but they are mine.


What guidelines do you use when crafting your blog? Please, feel free to share!


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About Jeremy D Powell

I am a husband and father, writer and thinker. By nature, I tend to be introverted. I am attempting to nurture my inner extrovert. It's going OK.

6 responses to “Amateur Advice: My Personal Blogging Rules”

  1. workingtowardfame says :

    My blog is just about my life. It feels goood to get it off my chest as a teenager. I have no views at all. What do i do??

  2. Zen says :

    I think these are great tips. I don’t like reading long posts either, and I dislike it when the blog is untidy and crammed with stuff. I’m not sure I agree a lot about the consistent theme; I like a little variety every once in a while, and I feel bored writing about the same thing over and over again.

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