A Humble Beginning

Like so many before me, I have gone through the varying steps to becoming a blogger. I looked at them with disdain when I first heard of them. Surely, noone would be so vain as to think their mundane lives would be of interest to the public in general. Sure, I dabbled. I judged with haughty chuckles at the blogs that I skimmed. A few caught my attention, but were quickly forgotten as one thing pushed out another in the meat-grinder that is my mind.

It was my wife who began to change my views on blogs. She would read excerpts to me. Ever so slowly, my perception of bloggers began to shift. Recently, I decided to begin reading one of my wife’s favorites (whyamiweird.com). It was surprisingly entertaining. It was a very small step for me from accepting that bloggers are OK to becoming one myself.

You see, I love to write. My friends throughout the years could verify that I have almost always had an idea for a book or story rumbling around in the dusty recesses of my mind. Rarely have I ever given birth to those ideas. I like to blame life in general. I’ve always told people that life just has a habit of getting in the way of living. Deep inside I knew that what I really lacked was discipline and desire.

My hopes for this blog is that by simply disciplining myself to write on a consistent basis, I can help build the desire to let the ideas hiding in the dark corners of my mind loose on digital paper. My hope is that this blog is both a forerunner and documentation of my attempts to publish the works that I have neglected for so long.



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About Jeremy D Powell

I am a husband and father, writer and thinker. By nature, I tend to be introverted. I am attempting to nurture my inner extrovert. It's going OK.

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